Registration is Open for Spring Sports Performance Training

Registration is Open for Spring Sports Performance Training - True AP


Being a good athlete makes a difference!

Sports are played at faster speeds than ever before and require true athleticism – a unique combination of strength, speed, power, agility, reaction, quickness, and conditioning. With proper and purposeful training, players can make impressive improvements in their athleticism allowing them to perform the skills of their sport at a much higher, more efficient level than before.

YOUTH (ages 8-10)
This stage of training is usually an athlete’s first experience in the sports world. Fun is the emphasis during this stage. Most of the exercises and drills during this time are presented as games. It is our trainer’s job to create a fun environment that is still capable of advancing the athlete.


MIDDLE SCHOOL (ages 11-13)
The stage of training involves providing our athletes with a great foundation to build off of for years to come. The program involves more athletic movement, emphasizing power, speed, and strength using age-appropriate weightlifting.


HIGH SCHOOL (ages 14-18)
The stage of training involves providing our athletes with a great foundation to build off of for years to come. The program involves more athletic movement, emphasizing power, speed, and strength using age-appropriate weightlifting.


TrueAP’s Spring Sports Program Training is offered at the following locations. Register by 2/23 to save 20% with code: spring2020.


Chantilly, VA


Hagerstown, MD



Ijamsville, MD



Frederick, MD

Athlete Spotlight: Nikhil Godse

Athlete Spotlight: Nikhil Godse - True AP

Midfielder – LOUDOUN SOCCER 2006B ECNL

What motivated you to start utilizing TrueAP?

I was motivated to start utilizing TrueAP when I started to realize that I am the slowest runner on my team. I knew I had the skills necessary to play good soccer but I couldn’t back it up with my speed.

What did you find as a result?

I am no longer the slowest on my team and I am steadily creeping up to being one of the fastest on my team.

What specific aspect did you like most?

TrueAP trainers not only teach you the right technique but also push you and motivate you in order for you to get better and achieve your final goal.  One of my favorite aspects of the session is Resistance training wherein trainer uses a band to pull you, which helps you to get into the correct form, and make you muscles work harder.

What are three other benefits of using our program?

  • It gives you tremendous amount of confidence to run faster
  • You’ll use multiple types of equipment to stronger, faster, and more athletic.
  • Most importantly the trainers teach you the right form.

Would you recommend other athletes to utilize TrueAP? If so, why?

I would definitely recommend other athletes to join TrueAP because of the three benefits I listed above. If an athlete follows what the trainer says and practice as the trainer tells him/her to, there is nothing that can stop him/her from getting better at speed, acceleration and strength which is an integral part of being an athlete.

The Perfect Warm-Up

The Perfect Warm-Up - True AP

Knowing how to warm up effectively can be the difference between your players surviving the preseason and thriving in the regular season or your players stumbling through the season due to preventable injury.

Traditional warmups take athletes through a series of static stretches. There’s value in traditional stretch-and-hold, or “static” stretching if done properly and done after a workout. However, static stretching routines performed before exercise increase flexibility only for a short time. There is little scientific evidence that such routines improve performance, reduce delayed-onset muscular soreness (DOMS), or prevent injuries.

The main purpose of warming up is to prepare your body for the upcoming movement. At TrueAP, we progress through a “Movement Prep” process of activating or “waking” the muscles, dynamically stretching them, and then exciting them so it is easier to call on these muscles when needed. As opposed to a traditional warmup, Movement Prep actually makes you stronger and produces long-term flexibility gains. You actively elongate your muscles in a series of movements, which can improve balance, mobility, and stability. Think of it as warming up with a purpose.

Movement Prep increases heart rate, core temperature, and blood flow to working muscles. By strengthening muscles in this new range of motion, you stabilize all the tiny muscles that hold the joints together. That will improve posture and performance and decrease potential for injury. Just doing Movement Prep alone can make your body stronger and more stable, and can also help increase speed and power output. Performing Movement Prep will allow you to keep pushing your body to the level needed while reducing the risk of injury. 

Check out TrueAP’s “Quick Guide to Movement Prep” and start using our sample routines today!

Winter Performance Training Registration is NOW OPEN!

Tis’ the season to register your young athlete for TrueAP’s Winter Sports Program Training!

At True Athlete Performance, we are committed to improving athleticism and confidence by providing a safe, fun, skill-based experience for athletes ages 8 to 18. Our training programs offer athletes an edge in abilities, and work on improving their all around skill-base. By offering different time frames, and limiting the number of attendees, we are able to work with athlete’s schedules and still provide personalized training. 

We break our Performance Training programs into three separate groupings, based on age range. Athletes of all sports and skill levels are welcome, from beginner to advanced. Every athlete that walks through our doors will receive high-quality coaching and leave with an increased skill level and sense of confidence in their abilities. 


  • YOUTH – Designed for ages 8-10, this program creates the foundation for coordination and athleticism. Learning how to train, athletes will gain an increase in confidence through proper body mechanics, running technique and body weight exercises in a positive environment.
  • MIDDLE SCHOOL ATHLETE – Designed for ages 11-13, this program progresses to more athletic movement with an increased emphasis on power and speed, age-appropriate weightlifting, and overall movement quality.
  • HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETE – Designed for ages 14-18, this program helps to develop high-level power and strength, and implements advanced speed and agility drills.

How do you know if you should register your child for this training? 

If your athlete is… 

  • not afraid of a little hard work, 
  • willing to invest 2-3 hours a week for 6 weeks, and 
  • wanting to bring their performance to the next level

… then it’s time to register for Winter Sports Performance Training! 

TrueAP’s Winter Sports Program Training
is offered at the following locations:

Chantilly, VA – Schedule and Registration
Purcellville, VA – Schedule and Registration
Hagerstown, MD – Schedule and Registration
Ijamsville, MD – Schedule and Registration
Frederick, MD – Schedule and Registration


Basketball Players: What Will IN-SEASON BASKETBALL TRAINING Do For You?


TrueAP’s In-Season Basketball Training sessions begin on December 8th. Our training programs have helped athletes improve and retain skills throughout the season and reduce the chance of injury.

Jump Higher 

Most players tend to lose much of their vertical jump during the season for the simple fact that they aren’t lifting and they aren’t doing the proper plyometrics to improve vertical jump. A 3-4 month season can kill your vertical jump if you go that long with just playing basketball and never training to maintain or improve your vertical. With In-Season Mastery you will continue to add inches to you Vertical even when every one else is losing them.

Move Faster

In-Season Mastery will develop more of your speed, quickness, and agility during the season. Basketball can be a long brutal sport that can affect your explosiveness and speed. You will continue to train your and improve all aspects of your speed and quickness.

Get Stronger

Most players lose at least 10% of their strength during the season because they go months without lifting. You will continue to get stronger so you can be a dominant player on the court. That will make other opponents not only respect you but also fear you each and every time that you step on the court.

Reduce Injury

Injuries are the worst part of sports and some are out of our control. We’ll address common problematic areas such as poor thoracic (upper-back) mobility, bad ankle mobility, tight hip flexors, and a weak core and glutes giving our players a great chance to be healthy through the season.


Here is what you need to know:

WHAT: In-Season Basketball Training
DATES: December 8th – February 9th
TIME: Sundays 3-4pm
LOCATION:  The nZone | 14550 Lee Rd, Chantilly, VA

Athlete Spotlight: Connor Bowers

Connor Bowers - True AP

What motivated you to start training with True AP?

I was in need of high intensity training that would strengthen my entire body. My body was not meeting the demands of my natural God given abilities and my work ethic. My aggressive “all out” style of play on the baseball and soccer field was landing me in the trainer’s room and doctors office way more than that of a typical high caliber athlete my age. I needed a trainer that I could rely on to strengthen my body and get me into the best shape possible. I decided from previously working with True AP for short periods of time that True AP was going to do that for me.

What results have you seen since?

Without positive results you are basically wasting your time by working out. The results that True AP has produced for me have been tremendous. Over a course of about 9-10 months of training with True AP I went from 134 pounds to 147 pounds. The extra muscle allowed me to be stronger on the soccer field and not get knocked around as much. In baseball it allowed me to take more reps without being prohibited by not feeling good. My sophomore and junior soccer season at North High I played 3 games. My senior year after working with True AP I played every single game and other than a few bumps and bruises sustained no injury that even kept me out of a practice. True AP has gifted me with the ability to play the sports I love day in and day out with no problems.

What specific aspect of our program do you like the most?

The strength training is what really propelled me to the next level and allowed me to get a lot stronger.

Why would you recommend other athletes train with True AP?

You can’t go wrong with True AP. Whether you want to be faster, stronger or more agile True AP has it all. Josh Daniels and his team will create tailor made workouts that focus on  whatever you need help with. They are the best trainers around and know how to fit your needs and make sure that you are getting the results that you want.

Is there anything else you would like to add about your experience with us?

Josh and his team are extremely nice and will treat you with the utmost respect. I can joke around with Josh (which I do a lot) yet still get the most out of every workout. They will make sure that you are comfortable and that you are doing what you need to do in order to get results.

Teams/ Organizations I play for:
North Hagerstown High School Baseball and Soccer
Club Soccer: Liverpool F.C.I.A. Western Maryland
Travel Baseball: Renegades A.C.

2019 2nd team All county Coaches Team
Starter in 2019 4 Diamonds Senior All Star game
Committed to playing collegiate soccer at Wilson College

Maximize Results with the True AP “Starter Pack”

The “Starter Pack” is designed to help athletes maximize results, achieve new levels of performance, and keep them consistently working out.

This powerful package provides six group training and six private, 1-on-1 sessions for one flat fee and at a steep discount off of the regular priced programs.

There is some bad news… we can only take the first 10 who snatch up this crazy deal at each location.

Chantilly, Va

Group Training Offered Monday through Thursdays, and Saturdays

 The nZone (14550 Lee Road)

Purcellville, VA

 Group Training Offered Mondays and Wednesdays

 Olympus Gym (201 N Maple Ave #204)

Hagerstown, Md

 Group Training Offered Tuesdays and Sundays

 Lifehouse Church (515 E Wilson Blvd)

Why do we include 1-ON-1 sessions in the “Starter Pack”?

  • Target Your Individual Needs and Goals. If you have specific needs, goals, or schedule that doesn’t fit directly into what we do in our group based offerings, this is the perfect way to maximize your progress.
  • More Advanced Training. Because each session will be in a 1-on-1 setting, this will allow for us to utilize more complex movements that can’t be part of larger group sessions.
  • Accelerated Results. More individual attention and higher-skill movements mean that we can truly “release the brakes” and get you the fastest results possible.


The “Starter Pack” saves over 25% of the cost of these amazing programs if they were priced separately.

We have to limit this special offer to the first 10 as we introduce this program, so you’ll need to act fast.

If you want to take advantage of this special offer, click on the location above.

Call us at 703-996-3500 with any questions.

Foam Roller Flow Routine (FREE Cheat Sheet)


Grab your foam roller and flow between 10 self-massage moves that hit your whole body. 

This routine will improve tissue quality and break up scar tissue, adhesions, and knots.

It’s ideal for tight muscles and achy joints and best performed pre/post-workout and anytime of day.

===> DOWNLOAD [Foam Roller] Cheat Sheet

Here’s how to do it: 

Perform each move for one minute with no rest between moves for 10 total minutes. Switch sides at the halfway 30-second mark for all single-sided exercises:

  1. Quadriceps L/R
  2. Hamstrings L/R
  3. Adductors L/R
  4. TFL/IT Band L/R
  5. Glutes L/R
  6. Calves L/R
  7. Shins L/R
  8. Shins (Lateral) L/R
  9. Lats L/R
  10. Thoracic (Upper/Mid-Back)
  • Pay attention to which areas of your body are most sore and tight and be sure to spend extra time on these areas at all other times pre/post-workout. Prioritizing your self-massage in this manner will provide you the biggest bang for you buck.
  • For knee pain, focus on #1, 4, 5 
  • For shoulder pain, focus on #9, 10
  • For back pain, focus on #2, 3, 5, and 10. #10 is also great for improving posture.
  • If you run/jump a lot and/or suffer from shin splits, focus on #6, 7 and 8.

I simply cannot stress enough the importance of daily self-massage. It will make you feel better, move better, and perform better.

If you’re serious about changing your body, feeling better, and making serious gains in the weight room and on the field/court, then “self-massage” days are a must.

After all, you’re only as strong as how well you allow yourself to recover.

===> DOWNLOAD [Foam Roller] Cheat Sheet

Athlete Spotlight: Nick Ragano

Teams/Organizations you play for: Paul VI Catholic HS Varsity Football

  1. What motivated you to start training at TrueAP? I needed to improve my ‘measurables’ and improve my form & technique to take my game to the next level.
  2. What results have you seen since? I am noticeably stronger, quicker & more agile. This has led me to play with more confidence on the field.
  3. What specific aspect of our program do you like most? Aaron and the TrueAP program is a great mix of expertise, professionalism, and motivation.
  4. Why would you recommend other athletes train with TrueAP? TrueAP develops athletes in a different way than traditional coaching.  The TrueAP trainers are experienced and know how to cater training to the needs and goals of the athlete. I’ve seen improvements in both my strengths and weaknesses.
  5. Any specific accolades/honors you’d want to add: USA Football Regional Team Training Camp Selectee